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I have two passions in life: reading books, and writing long, boring essays about them. As a student, I could indulge both vices freely. When reality set in, translating proved a better way of earning a living. The market for long boring essays is none too lucrative, and shirt sponsoring for pro readers is in short supply.

Since I translate from English into Dutch, my homepage doesn't have a lot to offer by way of English texts. All the links to the left will take you to Dutch language pages.

But I do have something to offer the English-speaking reader. It's... a long boring essay (surprise!). My original (© 1994) MA thesis on Philip Roth, in fact. For old times' sake, and to give everybody a snore, I've now put in on the web. There's even a download version!

And if you're wondering what on earth Shakespeare is doing up there to the left: yes, there you will find some English texts too: 154 sonnets, in fact. I've put up a small site with all the Shakespeare sonnets, together with some comments (...oh okay: long, boring essays) and as many Dutch translations as I could find, both old and new, available either on my own site or elsewhere on the web.

So I'm afraid even those pages are mainly of interest to people who've mastered the subtleties of Dutchspeak. I'm ever so sorry.

If you have any questions or complaints (or you want something translated into Dutch!), feel free to e-mail me.

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